Constructing an Understanding of How the World Works: Top Reasons to Attend the 2022 ACT Fall Conference

As teachers begin to prepare for the rhythm of the upcoming school year, the Association of Constructivist Teaching (ACT) is here to support individuals and organizations meet their goals through professional development that nurtures creative and constructivist minded educators. We look forward, alongside you, to expand on, and share, knowledge at our Annual Fall Conference, hosted entirely online on October 22nd, 2022.

This year’s conference theme is Constructing an Understanding of How the World Works. We have a full agenda of experts, thinkers, and researchers prepared to deepen knowledge and challenge thinking on this topic. If you’re wondering how to best spend your professional development time this year, here are the top 5 reasons we think you’ll want to attend the ACT Fall Conference:


Build Capacity & Gain Practical Strategies as a Constructivist Minded Educator

A diverse classroom and changing social realities require an ever-evolving set of skills. At the ACT conference, you can build your capacity as a constructivist minded educator, whether that be at the level of expert or beginner or in between. A common theme constructivist learning can all build upon, within the realities of schooling today, is that our work as teachers tends to be focused on the intersection of care for the student and desire to put learning in their hands. Whether you are a classroom teacher, parent, or teacher educator, the ACT Fall Conference will share strategies and ideas for helping students gain access to excellent teaching through deep engagement.


Join a Community of Like-Minded Educators

ACT has been at the forefront of meeting and serving teachers in their communities. When you attend the fall conference, you become part of a professional community that increasingly reflects our diverse society. Educators from coast to coast, and internationally, have found ACT to provide opportunities to engage in discussion with educators who put constructivist principles at the center of their teaching or research.  Whether you are just starting on your journey as a teacher of constructivism, or you have been refining your practice for years, you will find like-minded educators who can help sharpen and hone your skills and questions.


Affordable & Equitable Conference Fees

We know high conference fees can often exclude valuable voices from dialogue about change in education. Educators from preschool through university must deal with shrinking professional development budgets or be forced to spend out of pocket. With you in mind, we want to welcome everyone to the table the best way we know how, by keeping our membership fees as low as possible. $125 one-time fee for membership and conference access; $75 is the student fee (Continuing education credits and limited scholarships available) Register today!


Stay in the comfort of your own home

The Annual Fall Conference will be entirely online. With this being our third virtual event, we know all the tips and tricks to make it smooth and get the most out of your time.

Our virtual conference takes the travel hassle and expense out of attending a conference. What’s left is a full day of engaging speakers, opportunities to ask questions and ponder the answers, and inspiring ideas, all from the comfort of your own home.  We won’t pressure you to turn on your camera, but attendees are invited to share their own perspectives and we love to hear from you.

In your own space, flexibility is key. As professional educators and working parents, October is a busy time of year, so feel free to drop in to join our community for your favorite conference workshop, keynote, or the entire one-day event.


About ACT

The Association of Constructivist Teachers (ACT) aims to grow the use of constructivist principles for learning for all students and educators, pre-kindergarten through university. We invite you to join us as we construct a new understanding of equity in education at our Annual Virtual Fall Conference: Constructing and Understanding of How the World Works held online from October 22, 2022. Continuing education credits and limited scholarships available. Reserve your spot now!