A message from the Association of Constructivist Teaching’s Board:

The Association of Constructivist Teaching joins other organizations around the country who are outraged at the recent racial injustices including the murder of George Floyd. We stand in solidarity with the black community that has for far too long suffered rampant racism and unfair applications of the law.

We know that our words of love are not enough, and action is required. Dr. Martin Luther King stated, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” The following are some general and specific actions that our organization commits to:

  1. As constructivist teachers we pledge ourselves to working with students to construct an understanding of racial equity in our world.
  2. To foster this construction of knowledge we are refocusing our fall conference to include a strand on equity and activism. We will extend the proposal deadline to allow for robust submissions.
  3. During the conference we will have break out groups hosted by board members to discuss issues of racial equity in education.

These are just a few examples of the type of work we commit to do. We do this because we are responsible to create space in our classrooms, schools, and communities to speak and act against injustice and racism in our world.

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Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the field of education. ACT Members are classroom teachers, administrators, supervisors, consultants, college and university personnel, students, parents and retired educators. They live all over the USA and in Mexico, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and China.

2021 ACT Conference

Save the Date! October 23-24, 2021
Theme: Constructivist Teaching is Social Justice Teaching